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Manufactured in the Netherlands
No drilling or screwing needed
Affordable solution
Sun Eclipse

The easiest solution against indoor heat

Sun protection screens with suction cups. The screens fit on any flat window and mounting is possible both indoors and outdoors.

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5 days shipping time
Manufactured in the Netherlands
No drilling or screwing needed
Affordable solution

Beat the heat

Sun Eclipse sun protection screens. The most practical, simple and sustainable solution against indoor heat!

With suction cups, so without the need for drilling or screwing, sun protection for your window in no time for a more pleasant indoor climate while retaining the view!

The screens fit on any flat window. Mounting is possible both indoors and outdoors. Our custom sun protection screen is ideal for all homes where you do not want to, cannot or are not allowed to attach anything permanently to windows and window frames.

Easy mounting with suction cups

Firmly fixed all season long and no additional care is needed.(Dis)assembly in no time with our special sun protection screen suction cups.

Keeps indoor areas cool and fresh

Our sun protection screens keep every room a lot cooler by blocking heat before it heats up the room.

Simple measurement of your own window

Simply measure the width and height of your window, indicate which version you want and immediately know what your screen will cost.

Up to 97% heat resistant

Choose between Optimal view and Maximum sunblock. A screen of the Optimal view type blocks up to 85% heat and restricts your view to a minimum. A screen of the Maximum sunblock type blocks up to 97% of heat when mounted on the outside of your window, but it also restricts your view.

Suffering from the heat?

Do you suffer in a warm house on hot days? With Sun Eclipse sun protection screens you can keep lots of heat out quickly, easily and affordably. You’ll sleep, live, and work a lot more comfortably!

Our story

In the hot summer of 2018, my wife was pregnant with our second child. It got oppressively hot inside and we tried everything to keep the heat out. Sun Eclipse is the result of our search…

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At the campsite

Mark Schaaf travels through the Benelux, visiting the most diverse campsites. Each episode focuses on a different campsite. In this episode, Mark is very impressed with the Sun Eclipse screens. View the item here.

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Finally a simple solution against indoor heat

Sun Eclipse screens provide a more pleasant indoor climate so that you can sleep, study and work more comfortably. In short, you’ll live better. A one-off investment will provide years of comfort because the screens do not stretch, are low-maintenance, and remain in place all summer long. View reviews from people who bought the product here.

Good service and nice product

We have ordered twice, first to test at a door. It worked well, so also ordered for another door and small side window. And if you do something wrong yourself, they think along with you in the solution.

Screen type:Maximum sunblock




Sun Eclipse

Super satisfied!

We are very satisfied, easy system and you have not lost thousands of euros. You can see suction cups, of course, but we don’t think they outweigh the benefits.

Screen type:Optimal view

Gaby Janssen



Well worth all the money!

In the beginning seriously skeptical ‘does this work, does this fit, how expensive is this?’ First ordered for 2 windows to test whether it would stop the heat last summer, with ease of use and in terms of costs. Because yes, it is an investment.. against the heat! Well we are all over, it really… Read more

Screen type:Maximum sunblock




Sun Eclipse


Due to the separate sizes of the conservatory glass, we desperately needed the expert help of the owner of the business. After several conversations, the final shape of the sunscreen on part of the inside window of the conservatory has been determined and made. The result was stunningly beautiful and usable for us.

Screen type:Maximum sunblock




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Just 4 steps to your perfect sunscreen


Choose indoor or outdoor mounting


Choose the type of screen: Optimal view or Maximum sunblock


Measure the width and height of the desired window


Choose the colour and order