Finally a solution against indoor heat

In the hot summer of 2018, my wife was pregnant with our second child. It got oppressively hot inside and we tried everything to keep the heat out. Regular solutions helped a little, but the result was still insufficient. An extensive search for professional sunscreens was disappointing. Without exception, they were very expensive, had a long delivery time and had to be installed by specialised professionals. It had to be simpler, faster and better than that, right?

We looked for the solution and created a screen that could be placed in front of the windows. The sloping attic windows also had to block as much sun as possible, but we wanted to be able to see the street from the kitchen. In addition, I found it very important that the sun protection screens fit tightly on the windows so that the appearance matches the rest of our well-maintained house.

Another important point was that the mounting had to be simple and that the fabric had to remain firmly in place for months without too much care.

You don’t want to worry if you are away from the house and a summer storm comes along unexpectedly… Finally, the fabric, which stays outside day and night, had to remain beautiful and preferably not discolour or lose its shape.

When we installed the first version, we knew we were doing the right thing. The screens kept out a lot of heat and looked tidy. In the meantime, after five long summers of hanging outside constantly, we can assure you that no discolourations have occurred and they still fit just as tightly as on the first day.

Things have moved fast since that first prototype. Neighbours and friends asked if we could also make screens for them and one thing led to another. We received requests from all over the Netherlands for all types of windows, from camper and caravan to exceptional shapes. It turned out to be an ideal solution for anyone who did not want or could not make permanent changes to their facade. This busy period was ideal for us to optimise the screens and has resulted in a number of essential adjustments. As a result, our sunscreens can be made to measure and it is therefore even easier for anyone to install on all types of flat windows.

We think our solution can help a lot of people. That’s why we founded Sun Eclipse. Because we want to make affordable sun protection for every window accessible to everyone in the Netherlands and Belgium! Where are you going to hang them?

Say goodbye to the heat and enjoy a cool home.

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