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Sun protection suction cups

Are you looking for sun protection screens with suction cups? We offer a unique solution that you can easily attach to your window yourself. In this way, you will be sure that you will be able to control the heat in your home this summer.

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Sun protection suction cups

Sun Eclipse sun protection screens are available in different variants and colours. For example, you can choose between fabric that offers maximum protection against the sun: Maximum sunblock, which is up to 97% sun resistant. We also have an Optimal view variant, which is up to 85% sun resistant. With the latter, there is still maximum preservation of view. This sun protection with suction cups is especially suitable for rooms where you would like to enjoy natural light, such as living rooms and offices.

Our sunscreens with suction cups are easy to attach and are ideal for use on for example patio doors. An electric screen that slides over the window is not a suitable solution here, because in this way you can no longer open the doors. You will not have this problem with our sun protection screens with suction cups, because you mount the screen directly on the glass. You do not have to drill into the frame or facade when installing this custom sun protection screen.

Why choose a sun protection screen with suction cups?

Our sun protection with suction cups is a relatively affordable sun protection solution compared to electric screens, roller shutters or air conditioning. Yet it is just as functional as a full-screen system. Our suction cups are unique because they consist of two parts that slide over each other, after which you manually tighten these suction cups even more. This way we can guarantee that once you have hung the screens, they will hang all summer without any problems. It doesn’t matter if the weather is stormy or rainy, Sun Eclipse sun protection screens will last all summer long. After the summer you can remove the screens and store them for the following year.

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Don’t miss out! Choose an ideal and sustainable solution against indoor heat.Our sun protection screens with suction cupsensure a pleasant indoor climate. A sunshade on the window will give you years of comfort, the fabric does not stretch, is low-maintenance and, as mentioned, will last all summer long.

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