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Are you looking for a solution to the heat in your home? We at Sun Eclipse understand that very well. The Dutch summers are getting warmer and it causes a lot of heat and discomfort in the house. A good solution is sun protection in the form of screens.

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Solar protection screens from Sun Eclipse

Sun Eclipse sun protection screens have numerous advantages. You can easily measure the dimensions yourself and order them from us. After delivery, you can easily hang the screens yourself. With other solutions such as an electric screen, a specialist will have to come by to measure everything, which will also increase the costs. This is not the case with our affordable sun protection, which you can easily install by yourself.

You may be thinking of other solutions, such as installing air conditioning in the house. Of course, this will provide relief, but it is a much more expensive solution than applying screens to the windows.

The one-off investment in installing air conditioning is higher, but the cost of using it is many times higher as well. Do you already have air conditioning in your home? Then you can increase the efficiency of the air conditioning with our sun protection screens. In this way, you’ll reduce the costs of using your air conditioner.

The sun protection that we offer consists of a screen cloth with grommets. Our system is unique because of the special suction cups. The suction cups are placed on the window. This means it is not necessary to drill holes in the window frame to attach the fabric. If you were to drill into the frame, this could cause problems in the long term, because moisture can enter the frame through the drill holes. This is not the case with Sun Eclipse sun protection screens. You can easily hang our sun protection for windows with the included unique suction cups. This means no more damage to the window frame or facade.

The right choice for sun protection screens

When choosing Sun Eclipse screens, there are a few simple choices to make. You can create the perfect custom sunscreen in four steps. It starts with the choice of indoor or outdoor mounting. Both are possible with our screens. If you want maximum effect and maximum heat protection, we advise you to attach the screens to the outside.

Types of sun protection screens

The next step is choosing the screen type. Do you prefer Optimal view screens or will you go for Maximum sunblock? Both will keep the heat out well, with Optimal view up to 85% and Maximum sunblock up to 97%. The difference is mostly in the use of the room. With Maximum sunblock, the room will become a bit darker, making these screens ideal for a bedroom or a room where you are not present all day. If you want to use sunscreens for the living room or office, for example, we advise you to opt for Optimal view screens.

Step three is measuring the window or windows to which you want to apply the screens. Do you want sun protection on the inside of the window or sun protection on the outside of the window? We only need the height and width of the window to produce suitable screens. It is also possible to order screens for differently-shaped windows. For example, do you have a window in the shape of a triangle or a round window? Then we ask you to add a sketch of the window to your order. The other steps in the ordering process are the same as for rectangular windows.

The last step in creating your perfect sunscreen is choosing the colour. We offer five different colours, of which two light variants: White and Boulder. These colours are ideal for mounting the screens on the inside of a window. We also have three dark colours: Black, Anthracite and Concrete. These variants are suitable to attach to the outside of a window.

Once you have completed the four steps, we will get to work immediately and you will receive the sun protection screens very shortly.

Installing Sun Eclipse sun protection screens

Sun Eclipse sun protection screens are very easy to assemble. We provide a simple installation manual with your order. The manual easily explains how to mount the sunscreens to the window. With the included alcohol wipes, you can clean and degrease the place where the suction cups are placed. Lightly moisten the suction cups with water and place them on the window. After this, it is only a matter of attaching the cloth and tightening the suction cups. It is truly an incredibly simple process which we will describe in detail in the manual.

The screens are guaranteed to stick to your windows for the entire summer. You don’t have to worry about rain or wind because even a summer storm will not blow the screens off your window. In this way, you are sure to enjoy the sun protection screens, again and again, every summer.

Choose a sun protection screen from Sun Eclipse

Don’t wait any longer! Go for the ideal and sustainable solution against heat in your home today. Our sun protection ensures a more pleasant indoor climate. A sun protection screen will give you years of comfort: the cloth does not stretch, is low-maintenance and, will last all summer long.

Do you have any questions about our products? Find the answer in our frequently asked questions section. . Can’t find the answer online? Please contact us through WhatsApp, telephone, the contact form on this website, or email. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Say goodbye to the heat and enjoy a cool home.

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